Scientist Thinks Death Doesn’t Exist, It’s An Illusion Of Our Consciousness

Scientist Thinks Death Doesn’t Exist, It’s An Illusion Of Our Consciousness

When it comes to the mysteries of our universe and human life, the biggest mystery that many are curious, but also clueless about, is death. Religions have called death the only truth and afterlife as the gift (or curse) that we get depending on our conduct on this planet.  

But none of this has been proven -- no one really knows what lies ahead. However, one  American medical doctor and scientist, Robert Lanza, in his book, Biocentrism, states that death could actually be a door to an endless number of universes. 


He calls the phenomenon biocentrism -- a mechanism of sorts that results in all physical possibilities. Biocentrism also emphasises the fact that it's not the universe that has created humans, but it’s actually us who have given birth to the universe as we know it.  

In a conversation with Huffington Post, Lanza revealed that biocentrism tells that space and time are just tools that our minds use to weave information together into a comprehensive experience, like a language for consciousness.  

He firmly believes in the many-worlds theory and states that death doesn’t exist in these scenarios since all of these possibilities are taking place at the same time and the only reason we feel ‘alive’ is because of the energy operating in our brains.  

Death is like finishing a TV series in the universe’s streaming platform  

In a rather casual example, he calls death like finishing a good TV series. You can experience different stories, different characters and of course different endings from the vast library that the universe holds and at the end of them all, it’s still you.  

According to him, it’s just the energy and as per the laws of physics, energy can neither be created or destroyed, it just shifts from one state to another. When we die, there’s a break in our linear connection of times and places. And strangely, he says, our linear concept of time means nothing to nature.  

Who is Robert Lanza? 

In case you were thinking he’s some rando mankind stuff up, he’s actually quite learned. Lanza is currently the Head of Astellas Global Regenerative Medicine and Chief Scientific Officer of the Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine.  

He specialises in research around stem cells and recently has also dived deep into the fields of quantum mechanics and astrophysics, where he also came up with the theory of biocentrism.  

Lanza is the recipient of numerous awards, including TIME Magazine’s 2014 Time 100 list of the "100 Most Influential People in the World", Prospect magazine 2015 list of “Top 50 World Thinkers”, Marquis Who’s Who 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as 2010 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director’s Award for “Translating Basic Science Discoveries into New and Better Treatments, among several others.  

So is death really like completing a TV show? 

It goes without saying that this is his perspective on the concept of death and like many other concepts that we’ve come across, it isn’t absolute.  

The only way we’ll ever experience the truth is when our time’s up, so it’s best to live our life (or simulation) the best way we can, for ourselves and for others until someone reaches the series finale. 

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