Wild Fox Become Best Friend With A Guy Who Saved Him From A Fur Farm

Wild Fox Become Best Friend With A Guy Who Saved Him From A Fur Farm

 Woody, the fox, was raised on a fur farm with the sole purpose of being slain for profit. However, in 2015, the creature’s luck changed for the better after Yaroslav, the human, came to his rescue and got him out of the fur farm. Woody was fortunate because he did not have to end up as someone’s fur coat.

Image Credit & More Info; woody_the_fox/Instagram

After Yaroslav encountered Woody, he instantly fell in love with the creature and could not let the owners put him down for his fur. So, he paid the owners the price they expected for his fur and bought Woody. Now the two are best friends and Woody is leading a good life with his loving human.

#1. How majestic is this pose?

#2. Who knew that foxes looked adorable when they laugh.

#3. Enjoying the cold snow against my fur.

#4. Posing for the camera like a pro.

#5. When you return home exhausted after a day at work.

#6. Say aaaaaaargh.

#7. Just right where I belong.

#8. A ball of fur for sure.

#9. The upside-down version of the tongue-out pose.

#10. Pretending to be half dead.

#11. When your human has to use a leash because you are always up to mischief.

#12. Who doesn’t enjoy spending some quality time on the hay?

#13. The I-just-woke-up look.

#14. Playing with the sand like.

#15. When you manage to look majestic as well as adorable at the same time.

#16. Who can say “no” to that face?

#17. When you are a mature adult, but pretend to be a baby just so your human could carry you.

#18. This fox got an attitude.

#19. Midnight strolls featuring me and my hooman.

#20. Take that camera a bit back human, I can’t see my mouth.

#21. When you are a fox, but manage to look innocent.

#22. Let it snow.

#23. This is how I ask my human for food.

#24. Stopped for a sip of water.

#25. How fluffy am I?

#26. Perfect pictures do exist.

#27. Children love me and I love children.

#28. Loving the warmth of the sun.

#29. Giving Fantastic Mr. Fox vibes.

#30. When you decide to look at a hare instead of looking at the camera.

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